The Sanctuary of sin team


We are a team of three experienced individuals who are deeply passionate about all things bdsm. With a combined 30 years of personal exploration, we embarked on our journey into the kink scene together, almost a year ago to the day. As switches, we embrace both dominant and submissive roles, allowing us to connect with a wide range of desires and preferences. We started our business earlier this year; everything we sell, recommend, and promote is personally curated from our own toy boxes. However, our ambitions extend beyond selling products. We are driven by a desire to become more deeply involved in the kink community, to educate and inspire others, and to give back to a community that has greatly enriched our lives. Our personal growth within the scene has been transformative, and we are eager to share our knowledge, experiences, and insights with others. Together, we can further embrace the power of consent, communication, and personal growth within the enchanting world of kink.

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  • Navigating polyamory in BDSM
  • Switching it up: how swapping roles can enhance your play time