November 3-5., 2023
Hungary, Budapest
200 Seats
14 Speakers

Conference 2023

HunCon 6. The Kink Within

Who is Speaking?

WhipMaster K
Paddlers &, Canes
Edging and orgasm control
Mommy Dom: A Beginner’s Guide
John Pendal
Autism and Kink
Edge Play (pushing limits)
Rope bondage for amateur...
Madam Nikka
Role play, beyond doctors and...
Primal Play
Floggers: from sensual to...
Coming out? Navigating as a...
4 senses of rope
Predators and victims on the...
Florentine flogging basics
Edgeplay & Knifes
Ageplay & Bratting
25 ways to ruin any scene in...
Vicky of Bondatrix
Manipulating the senses
Pain play
Coral Mallow
Band-aids for Bad-asses
Service Animals
Useful Objects and other...
Roman Leo
BDSM: From Taboo to...
The Sanctuary of sin team
Navigating polyamory in BDSM
Switching it up: how swapping...
Norbert Falcon & Lola Mimóza
Provocative and negative...
Eszter Mirka Sarkadi & László Sárkány
The Healing Art of Shibari -...
The Healing Art of Shibari -...
The Healing Art of Shibari -...

Event Schedule

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Since the essential aim of the HunCon is to improve the local and the international BDSM scene, we keep our prices low. We did not raise a penny since last year! On the other hand every event has expenses. If you would like to support our cause, please do so. If you make a donation of 10 EUR or more we are going to send you the official pin of this years HunCon, if you are supporting us with 40 EUR or more, we are going to send you both the official pin and the t-shirt of our event. You may make your donation via our PayPal.


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