• 2018.11.09. - 2018.11.11.

    Conference in Budapest 2018

09 - 11 Nov, 2018
Hungary, Budapest
200 Seats
14 Speakers

Conference 2018

In 2018, during the Fall season.

We proudly present You the III. HunCon: The Wonders of the West. Our goals are the same: to provide quality BDSM education, to give you a great opportunity for kinky fun and to always improve our event. As a result, this year, the whole event is going to take place in a hotel.

Who is Speaking?

This year's theme is the "Wonders of the west", thus we are mainly going to have presenters form Western Europe and from overseas, We are also going to feature presenters from the East. They are going to give workshops on various fascinating topics from foil bondage, to psychology, to the basics of BDSM.

MarKus Leather
BDSM for parents
Communication basics
Let your fists do the talking -...
Spanking and impactplay
Sensual Bites
Tickling Experience
Master Dart
The Lost Art of Mentoring
Aftercare: Not an Afterthought
Foot Torture
How to become an (international)...
Micheal Darkram
Fire's Hot
The Lost Art of Mentoring
When Metal meets the Meat
Master Severyn Kain
BDSM & BUDDHISM: Cultivating...
Silent TeddyBear
Using simple bondage to fully...
Rope torture and sensual bondage...
Consensual non-consent play...
Kitty Rea
Fear Play
Shame and Humiliation
Introduction to impact play
Dr. Bob
The Emperor’s New Clothes:...
Pitfalls and Cataclysms: A...
Ties That Bind: Using protocols...
Florentine flogging basics - Why...
4 senses of rope - Touch, smell,...
Predetors and victims on the...
Waxplay: artistic and sadistic
Cellpopping/Devil's fire
Fireplay: Ignite you kink
Allena Gabosch
The Good The Bad and The Poly
Basic Negotiations and Etiquette...
Bottoms Rights and...
Risley Addix
Race play: fun or discrimination?
Vanilla Goys: mind your words!
Foot fethisism vs foot worship,...

Event Schedule

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Event Sponsors

Since the essential aim of the HunCon is to improve the local and the international BDSM scene, we keep our prices low. We did not raise a penny since last year! On the other hand every event has expenses. If you would like to support our cause, please do so. If you make a donation of 10 EUR or more we are going to send you the official pin of this years HunCon, if you are supporting us with 40 EUR or more, we are going to send you both the official pin and the t-shirt of our event. You may make your donation via our PayPal.


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