November 4-6., 2022
Hungary, Budapest
200 Seats
14 Speakers

Conference 2022

The Fables of Kink

Kinks and tales? Are you crazy? We are completely sane. One of the main goals of the fifth edtion of the HunCon is to show how deeply kink is integrated in our culture. Think about Little Red Ridinghood (Primal play), Cinderella (shoe and foot fetishism), Aristotle and Phyllis (pony play).

Naturally there will be plenty of workshops on interesting kinky topics from CBT to CT (cunt torture), from ropes to flogging... These are not 20-21 century "perversions". This is why tales are so important. They are one great source of the old, cultural integration of kink. And we did not talk about the devil, who has a penis at the place of his nose. This is from a Hungarian folk-tale. Welcome to the Fables of Kink.

Who is Speaking?

Master Dart
Puppy Love (Puppy play)
"Damn...I F@%KED UP!" (...
The Lost Art of Mentoring
boy Scotty
Role Play
My Journey in Kink
Violet wand: intorducion
WhipMaster K
Paddlers &, Canes
Falcon & Lola Mimosa
BDSM partnership during the...
Fantasy vs reality of D/s...
Fetish Fashion
Dungeon Disasters
Punching & Bruising
How To Block Pain ... And How...
Kink, tales, archetypes,...
Female Dominance and...
Kink/therapy – can BDSM be...
Madam Nikka
The Erotic Art of Flogging
Sadistic Flogging: It’s All...
Primal 101: Tapping into...
Flogger master class
Fire Play
Needles play, endorphin...
Micheal Darkram
Fire is hot
Daisy and Nyoki
Switch Dynamics
Sadistic ties
Subcultures of BDSM

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