Stanislav Atanasov a.k.a. Lucifer
If you want to study how BDSM and alternative sexuality affects personal and sexual development in puberty - look no further. BDSM and all kind of fetishes are part of my life from my childhood, trough puberty until now. As I like to say - it's easier to list my dislikes than my likes. For the past 9-10 years I'm administrator of Bulgaria's oldest and biggest BDSM community project - There are few regular events that I have the privilege to organize - Open Rope Space Sofia (and some times Varna), monthly munches, fetish and play parties. In 2016 we did the first (and, of course, not last) Bulgarian BDSM unConference. I'm doing a kink positive podcast - Honest talks on dirty topics [].

Basically I'm a nerdy, kinky bastard, that can do a lot with a willing partner. If you have any questions (kink or nerd related) please do ask. You can review my personal 'webspace' at (sorry but only in Bulgarian).

4 senses of rope
Smell, taste, sound and touch... can you use one less sens to tie? Can you feel better you partner and can you understand better yourself and your own ropes when you can’t see what you are doing? Let’s try it.

Predators and victims on the Internet
Course will cover what are the threats on the Internet in relation to online BDSM communities and how to protect ourselves on the big wild world. It will cover some basic technical skills that we need, and will focus on the major point of failure - human side. We will talk mainly about trust and false identity. We will talk about predators, hunters and pray. We will talk for the tools that helps us protect ourselves from attacks coming from the online in regards on the online BDSM community.

Florentine flogging basics
Why will you want to use 2 floggers? Few reasons... one of which is because it looks cool. For the others you will have to visit my class, where I will show you few basic moves and try to teach you how to control both floggers.


  • 4 senses of rope
  • Predators and victims on the Internet
  • Florentine flogging basics