Norbert Falcon & Lola Mimóza


In the context of our present presentation, negative coaching tools (in a somewhat provocative form) will be in focus. It is a delicate question whether it is permissible to mix the real world and the BDSM game, in this case we are dealing with pushing the boundaries and deepening the degradation. There is (as far as we know) no official literature on the topic, so we give you an insight into this world specifically based on our own experiences, approaching it from a slightly subjective, slightly experiential point of view - we share our thoughts with you regarding the BDSM aspects of a relationship (and similar subtleties).

In the second part of the presentation, you may ask questions from both in an informal conversation, and we will give first-hand answers based on our owen experiences.

On what basis do we do this? Both of us embrace our innate desires and we live largely along this theme, we believe that some tips-tricks-experiences can be useful for others as well. In addition to my everyday creative work, I devote more and more time to coaching and training activities (yes, negative coaching as well). We are not enthusiastic supporters of concepts and categorization, rather we build on the knowledge we have gathered since childhood, on the knowledge acquired during continuous research and learning.

We are looking forward to see you.
Falcon and Lola


  • Provocative and negative coaching tools for deepening degradation and deep humiliation