Hi. I go by Morti in my local community, I am a sadomasochist, a kinkster, and a regular everyday person, who goes to the store, meets friends, does her job - with marks on her butt and breasts, or mentally preparing to stabbing someone with needles after work. And I am very open about all of these. Even about going to the store. I'd like to speak about ways of integrating kink in your everyday life, opening up about your desires and experiences to your special ones, and touch on topics like oversharing vs. being open about something.

We are going to learn about the importance of using the correct terminology when explaining something to a person not familiar with our ways, and communication techniques to handle questions and reactions. I also would like to share my personal journey of coming clear with myself, including sharing my "secrets" with my best friend. You are going to hear her perspective as well.

Besides my own workshop I'll serve as a translator at HunCon, you'll meet me at various other programs. Feel free to approach me if you need assistance with communication in English and Hungarian, or if you have any questions!


  • Coming out? Navigating as a kinkster in the everyday life