A BDSM couple from Zagreb with a long love story. They met in their youth at work and flirted, but everyone went their separate ways. They both married other partners. After their marriages ended they met again, and on their first night together realised they're both into BDSM. And that's how their journey started. First he was her Dom and a sadist. She was a great masochistic canvas for his dark fantasies. Very soon they started exploring shibari and showed us just how much you can learn by yourself with a good motivation, a little sweat and a strong rigger/bunny connection. After less than a year Minx hung in suspension from the lighthouse, the bridge and the abandoned building. They continued to develop their knowledge of shibari, so they came to Jamaica and met many prominent shibari masters and learned from them. After a while their D/s dynamics suddenly changed by 180 degrees - they switched. Now she is his Domme and he is her faithful slave as they continue to explore the world of kinks through Femdom.


  • All about CBT (CockAnBallTorture)
  • Shibari performance