Micheal Darkram


Micheal Darkram is a Fetish Educator, Kink Performer, Event Producer, and Community Leader in his local area of Hampton Road Virginia. He is Founder & leader of a local fetish group called Edge House. He is also President and Founder of Virginia's first Pup and Handler Group (South Virginia PAH). He also was the creator of South Virginia's first Fetish Pride.

Michael has worked tirelessly alongside other his leather family and other entities in his community with the goal of acceptance and unifying all kink-folk across the LGBTQ spectrum, while standing on his passionate platform of PRK (Personal Responsibility Kink). He specializes in Fire Play & Needle play among other edgier and taboo forms of kink.

Active community member since 2009, MDR identifies as a top leaning Bisexual Leatherman.

Michael's kink community affiliation has afforded him pleasure of presenting BDSM related classes and performances at CLAW 18, Hampton Road Kinkfest, Fetish Pride and with Rock-meets-kinky cirque Rock/Metal group Mack's Daddy.

As an aside to his community activities, Michael shares his path with his leather family; (His Mentor) Master Dart, His Leather-Uncle's , Sir Bart, Master Zack (Founding Head Master of Kansas City Leather University). And his leather brothers Master Markus (owner of Leather Masters, and founder of HOME in Dallas Texas. And Johnny Benjamin (Mr. World Bear 2018).


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