Micheal Darkram


Micheal Darkram is a Leatherman, Kink Performer, Artist, and Musician. Founder/leader of South Virginia kink group Edge House. Prior leader and founder of Hampton Roads Kink Revival, and now defunct group, Solas House. MDR has worked tirelessly in his community with the goal of understanding and accepting safe, edgier style play, while standing on his passionate platform of PRK (Personal Responsibility Kink). He specializes in Fire Play & Needle play among other edgier and taboo forms of kink.

Active Kinkster since 2009, MDR identifies as a Bi, dorky, Switch Leatherman leaning mainly toward Top.

In his formative years as kinkster. Michael observed himself and his peers faced with unacceptance and hateful outlooks towards those that choose to practice our lifestyle. He made it a personal goal to inspire, educate and arouse those would-be naysayers to elicit positive dialogue and acceptance within our own communities and ultimately the vanilla masses.

In 2013, Michael’s kink community affiliation found him being approached by a member of a rebellious LGBT inclusive Rock-meets-cirque-meets-burlesque group “Mack’s Daddy” to perform live BDSM performances on stage across Southern Virginia and has been doing it ever since! You can typically catch him playing human pin cushion with Porcupine needles in his face, flogging gorgeous victims and performing his own hybridization of Fire eating and kinky fire play to a vastly Vanilla audience in hopes to make “What It Is We Do” normalized and more socially acceptable.

As an aside to his community activities, Michael shares his path with his leather family; (His Mentor) Master Dart, Sir Bart (Master Dart’s Husband), and His Leather-Uncle Master Zack (Founding Head Master of Kansas City Leather University), along with his extended California branch and Amsterdam family (all founding members of Amsterdam Kink Academy).


  • Fire's Hot
  • The Lost Art of Mentoring
  • When Metal meets the Meat