Master Dart


Master Dart's interest in leather and BDSM play can be traced as far back as his early childhood years, citing a huge fascination with what was being done to Robin on the Batman television series... and to the furry cowboys on Gunsmoke. When other boys were caught with porn magazines under their beds... Dart was caught with a roll of duct tape. Since then he has developed an immense passion for rope bondage, not to mention the men he likes to tie up with it. Dart began his leather journey as a collared boy and gradually developed into the dominant he is today. He believes in the importance of “balance” when exploring one’s dominant and submissive side in play, and that great benefit can come from experiencing both elements. Master Dart’s kinky interests in addition to rope bondage include puppy play and training, chest and gut punching, and most recently, fire play. He sees himself as “proudly New Guard” because he feels that what is most important is not what happened in the past but what is happening NOW, and that our sexual self-expression should not be hindered by rigid or judgmental 'rules' from our past. Among the cities, organizations and events Dart has presented in include sitting on the educational board for Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Spring Iniquity in Houston, Thunder in the Mountains in Denver, GEARED Ireland in Dublin, Leather Pride in Amsterdam, and the Rome BDSM Conference. He also hosts his own leather podcast program on ITunes, called Dart’s Domain. He shares his life with his husband, Sir Bart

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Landmines workshop:
In kink and BDSM, we all bring a certain amount of "baggage" to the table. And some of us even bring freight! While these are elements of what makes us all human, they can become a critical issue when it comes to the intensity of the power exchange that exists in a kink relationship. A LANDMINE refers to what happens when a negative element of our past gets triggered during the course of that relationship, be it in play or otherwise. In this class Master Dart will facillitate a discussion about some of the possible landmines that can come up in the course of a D/s relationship or playscene, and how we can deal their accidental detonation and grow from them.

The Lost Art of Mentoring
In the earlier days of gay leather and BDSM, mentorship was a major component. It provided not only education and guidance to younger generations, but also nurturing and providing a means of growth under the watch of those with experience. Much of this important dynamic was lost in the 80s and 90s due to the AIDS crisis and the increased use of the internet for education. Only recently are we seeing a newfound interest in what has been considered a forgotten nuance in leather/kink communities. In this workshop Master Dart and his mentee Michael Darkram will facilitate a discussion about the importance of mentorship in the BDSM/kink world, and share the components of what has worked in their journey of growth together.