John Pendal


In 2003 John became the 25th person to win the annual International Mr Leather contest in Chicago. Since then he has travelled extensively leading workshops, giving speeches, hosting events and helping with fundraisers across America, Canada and Europe. He has appeared on stage in 33 cities, 10 countries and 17 American States.

John has taught BDSM workshops at Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Down and Dirty in Melbourne, Inferno, Kinkfest in London, Leather Camp in Wichita, Lupercalia in Canada, Minnesota Leather Pride, Mr Leatherman Toronto, Palm Springs Leather Pride, Rome BDSM Conference, SINSations in Leather, Spring in the South in Atlanta, Tribal Fire in Oklahoma, and Thunder in the Mountains in Denver (every year from 2007 to 2017).

He has also been the master of ceremonies for leather contests in Belfast, Dubuque, London, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Toronto, Tulsa and Mr Chicago Leather (every year from 2004-2019). In 2011 he was invited back to co-host the 34th International Mr Leather contest.

John received two Pantheon of Leather awards in 2004: the International Award and the Community Choice Award for Men. He’s also been interviewed on-screen for two feature film documentaries: ‘Kink Crusaders’ (2011) and ‘Age of Consent’ (2014).

John has been working as a comedian since 2010. He has performed solo stand-up shows in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Edmonton (Canada), Fort Lauderdale, Melbourne and Rome – as well as the entertainment stage at Folsom Europe in Berlin.

For more information please visit his comedy website at or leather website


Autism and Kink:
In this workshop we look at the overlap of autism and kink. What is autism and what's the right language to use? Why might an autistic person be attracted to a kinky environment? Can BDSM be used as a form of sensory regulation? What’s the difference between neurotypical and autistic communication? What would be useful to know if you’re playing with a neurodivergent person? And how can you negotiate a scene with someone who doesn’t know where masking ends and they begin? This workshop isn't just for autistic folk, it can help anyone who feels like an outsider or would like to create a more inclusive environment.

Edge Play (pushing limits):
What is edge play? Why do people do it and what do you need to consider in advance? We'll also look at what are the pitfalls and what should you do when things go wrong. What are Consensual-Non-Consensual Scenes? Can you play without safe words? What are the legal risks? And practical tips for enjoying scenes where limits are pushed...

Rope bondage for amateur escape artists
Are you fed up with pushy bottoms who aren't where you left them? Or maybe you love getting tied up but are tired of suspending your disbelief? Here's a workshop that will explore rope bondage from the perspective of both the Top and the bottom who wish to improve their skills. No previous experience required.


  • Autism and Kink
  • Edge Play (pushing limits)
  • Rope bondage for amateur escape artists