Lady Scarlett Sin


She’s a Leatherwoman, pro and lifestyle dominant, energy player and sensual-sadist. Owner and Producer of Ms Los Angeles Leather, Mx Los Angeles Leather and LA Bootblack, Scarlett alongside her most prized possession, her sub Cypher, started a non-profit called the FoundNation with the ideals of diversity, inclusion, representation and visibility at its core. This organization houses the two titles she shepherds alongside The Visibility Project and D.I.V.E.R.City and her passion is fostering education and engagement within kink and Leather spheres.

She is the President of the Southland Title Sisters, Co-Executive Producer of Los Angeles Leather Pride 2019 and is a former Ms Los Angeles Leather herself living in Southern California with her partner Charli and their adorable little hellion bio-kitty, Jones.


  • When consent is breached
  • Making an impact
  • The label race