Elijah Master


Elijah Master is my truthful Kink name! Elijah, because this is my family name, Master, because I create those tools, I like to play with. I primarly make floggers, for about 7 years already, because the love and the scent of leather highly enhance my emotions. In addition, when I am holding it in my hand I get into a different mindset, as if I was in another dimension. BDSM has been party of my life for a long-long time, however I haven’t called it like this, when I was a child, however today I live in this, marvelous, colorful Kink world more consciously, with more expertise and more spiritual emotions. I have done several things in the past years: performances, organizing parties, teaching, and I have been a fundamental part of the Hungarian BDSM Conference’s organizing team from the beginning.