I started in BDSM club life in about 2005, after a few years I started doing workshops and lectures. It occurred to me quite naturally as I am a trained teacher and instructor.

Some of the workshops that were in demand was play with flogger, which I think is super exciting. Since the floggers clearly are my favorite tool in the bdsm world.
After some workshops, I realized that the floggers people had were not of very good quality. So I wanted to make a selection that people could use during my workshops.
The first attempts did not go well, but I cracked the code, and I have now made more than 15,000 floggers, through my webshop.

Over time, the list of workshops has grown larger, and I am constantly working to develop the individual workshops. With the focus on the participants getting as much home as possible.
A couple of years ago I took over a BDSM club with my wife, who we run and do a lot of BDSM. Among other things. workshops and parties, and much more, including Kink Convention.


  • Flogger master class
  • Fire Play
  • Needles play, endorphin enjoyment