Coral Mallow


Coral is a force of nature! As a result of that condition interesting things frequently occur in her general vicinity. She finds the world completely fascinating, from kisses to flesh hooks, boots to hats, arguments to introspection, science to magic, all sorts of humans, and chocolate to... things that are not chocolate. Always in pursuit of knowledge and sharing a good story, she can be found talking to just about anyone. You might be next! Coral is an international multi-media/discipline artist, storyteller, and educator. She specializes in collaboration, political and social art, and adornment focusing on identity and change. In the Kink/Leather/ Sex communities she is a dominant sadomasochistic switch, an owner, Ordeal Path worker, body pride advocate, model, educator, mentor, former titleholder (Ms. Oregon state Leather 2007), and is an activist for a variety of causes. She is currently based in Ireland.


Band-aids for Bad-asses:
A survival course for Kinksters who step on emotional and spiritual landmines.

Service Animals:
pet play as work

Useful Objects and other alternative scene identities


  • Band-aids for Bad-asses
  • Service Animals
  • Useful Objects and other alternative scene identities