Hi! I’m AET from the Netherlands. I identify as a Femme Sadist Top in our lovely kink scene. My personal kinky preferences are (Foot) Torture & Fear Play. I'm famous for sticking needles underneath toe nails. I do have a lighter side to my scenes & personality ;-) I also like role playing scenes. A bottom knows when I'm having a good time as a Top when I start making jokes during the scene.

I help out my friends, whom organise kinky events, mostly by giving workshops and demo’s, but also by giving Dungeon Monitoring workshops to the volunteers of those events.

I’ve presented a lot of workshops in the Netherlands.

I’ve presented @ Rome BDSM conference, Easter conference in Berlin and @ EPIC in the USA.

I’m approachable person by nature. So feel free to have a chat with me. I can tell you all about my adventures at worldwide conferences and our lovely Dutch scene. And off course I would love to hear all about your wonderful experiences as well.


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