Hi! I’m AET from the Netherlands. I identify as a Femme Sadist Top in our lovely kink scene. My personal kinky preferences are (Foot) Torture & Fear Play. I'm famous for sticking needles underneath toe nails. I do have a lighter side to my scenes & personality ;-) I also like role playing scenes. A bottom knows when I'm having a good time as a Top when I start making jokes during the scene.

I help out my friends, whom organise kinky events, mostly by giving workshops and demo’s, but also by giving Dungeon Monitoring workshops to the volunteers of those events.

I’ve presented a lot of workshops in the Netherlands.

I’ve presented @ Rome BDSM conference, Easter conference in Berlin and @ EPIC in the USA.

I’m approachable person by nature. So feel free to have a chat with me. I can tell you all about my adventures at worldwide conferences and our lovely Dutch scene. And off course I would love to hear all about your wonderful experiences as well.

Foot Torture
You did get the TORTURE part, right? Did you get the feet part and the “wholy f*ck it’s a DEMO” as in HANDS –ON part? Okay! This workshop is most defiantly for the Advanced BDSM players. Please read the requirements for tops and bottoms. Feel free to run away while you still can or enter this workshop on your own risk. Max. 7 tops + bottoms couples allowed.

Hi Lovely Sadist and brave masochist,

Did I tickle your inner maso/Sadist with the previous alinea? Good! Let’s party.

This workshop is as Hands-on feet as it can get. We are going to Torture some willing feet. So be sure to bring your feet or your ticklish and deliciously painful little tools. Nipple clamps are so useful on toes if you know what you are doing.

We are going to experiment with different techniques within foot torture from soft until hard. Please feel comfortable to safe word your way out of a technique. This applies to tops as well.

In between the different techniques I will provide a quick reminder on safety per technique applied on the use of feet. Promise me you won’t stick any needle in the foot without 1-on-1 supervision. Better safe than sorry. I would like all participants to leave the workshop with a big smile on their face. Enriched with a new experience in torture and no marks to prove it. Yes, feet don’t mark easily.

This class is unsafe for bottoms with diabetes, because of the higher infection risk.

How to become an (international) presenter
In collaboration with D Moon
Target audience: (potential) presenters
Level: everyone, but best suited for those who want to learn/improve workshop skills and how to prepare yourself for presenting at international events

During the first part, D_Moon_ will hand you some tools regarding education and presentation. We will of course give advice on how to create and prepare a workshops but also cover subjects like teaching skills, group dynamics and creating a safe environment.

The second part will consist of AET sharing her knowledge and experiences about what to expect before, during and after an international event. She will also talk about how to promote yourself, expand your network and what organisers / locations usually (don't) facilitate or offer.

The workshops als includes suggestions on how to keep improving yourself and your workshop, giving and receiving feedback, directions on travel, handling tough crowds / questions and dealing with unwanted behavior.

We love interaction and want to hear your input, expectations, question and experiences too!

Theory lesson/Discussion/Demo/Hands-on: Theory lesson
Basic/Intermediate/Advanced: Basic
Tools needed: Nothing
Demo bottom: None


  • Foot Torture
  • How to become an (international) presenter