I'm Barbie a Mommy domme, performer, and event organizer in the BDSM community who prioritizes empathy, playfulness, and respect in BDSM encounters. I am always on the prowl and constantly on the on the lookout for novel ways to exert dominance and control via affection, love, discipline and coercion, while having fun. I can take on many different roles, much like my doll form, and yet maintain my own kinky identity as a demanding, strict and enthusiastic Mommy domme.

I'm a part of Underland, the most active BDSM collective in the country of Croatia. I have organized a number of events over my time in the community, but I have also come to realize my potential as a performer and kinky event host. But I'm most proud of creating and producing the first kinky theater play in Croatia.

Because of my background in the social sciences, I am really curious to learn more about the ways in which BSDM evolves through time and influences its participants, also how BDSM is shaped by our worldviews.


  • Edging and orgasm control
  • Mommy Dom: A Beginner’s Guide