TouchDeep and HeartBound are lifetime-committed polyamorous partners, passionate about sensual touch, creating deep human connection, and exploring the sacred sexual completeness of the body/mind/spirit relationship.

Their primary teaching method is high participant involvement and experiential learning.

Drawing from their decades practicing BDSM, sacred sexuality, and polyamory, they teach from the heart of their experience, leading practical,“try-it-now” workshops that are full-immersion, dynamic, hands-on, energetic experiences. All are hot, fun, and intense. They love what they do, and it shows in every way.

TouchDeep and HeartBound have brought their highly-engaging, authentic style of presenting to dozens of events across the United States. They bring you pretense-free, down-to-earth kink workshops that are superbly organized, fully researched, and ultra-authentic.


  • Deepening Your Submission
  • Depening Your Domination
  • Foot&Hand Massage Intensive