SolletiLegando discovers his passion for bondage and tickling since very young age... He’s a switch at heart and thinks it is essential experimenting first hand the sensations and emotions that both roles can give. Since about 20 years, he took part (and still does) to numerous classes, workshop, seminars and events on several topics, both directly talking about BDSM or somehow connected to it.

In 2008 he opens his production studio, making and selling videos about tickling and other fetish/bdsm/erotic topics. Since 2010 he’s been the first in Italy (and probably still the only one) to organize the “Tickling Corners”, public events on tickling during which attendee and people in the audience could be at the center of the scene, toppling the usual idea of “performance” where the audience is a mere spectator. Since 2012 he also organizes private events on tickling, the “Tickling Party”, with the intent of building a connection among enthusiasts and offer the chance to curious people to experience tickling in a pleasant and safe way.

He founded and manages the site, born with the intent of inform about this topic and create a point of aggreagation for aficionados and curious ones.

Nowadays he’s a video producer, tickling and BDSM event organizer and a performer. He manages the tickling/sensorial stimulation entertainment within clubs and bdsm events. He’s a handcuffs and restraints collector and is also interested in lockpicking, escapology and erotic hypnosis.

He offers free counseling and theoretical/practical classes to whoever wishes to improve his technical background and communication skills with the partner during a tickling session.

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  • Mummification
  • Sensual Bites
  • Tickling Experience