Hello, I am Arild Remethep. A 40+ Dominant Sadist. I have been in the scene for the last 15 years, and open to the world about being a BDSMer since 2010. I like knives, blasphemy, brats, BDSM magic and a lot of other stuff.

I've done quite a bit over the years, but would ask you to spare your judgment of me until after I've gotten my coffee and we've had the chance to meet. Because before that, I might come off as some kind of nerdy asshole. Sorry for that.


Edgeplay & Knifes:
An introduction to edgeplay, with a longer dive into many things knife and with some kinky stabbings (not really) at the end.

Ageplay & Bratting:
What is ageplay? What types of ageplay? And how to (try) to keep your goddamn brat in line!

25 ways to ruin any scene in less than 3 minutes
Whispers of Deep Wisdom from the Kinky Guru Remethep.


  • Edgeplay & Knifes
  • Ageplay & Bratting
  • 25 ways to ruin any scene in less than 3 minutes