Peter Etheros


When Peter Etheros discovered Shibari, it didn’t take very long before it became his new passion. He studied different styles and created his own form of expression. His particular style is intuitive and characterised by deep connection, trance, D/s in ropes and the use of whips. He combines subtle aesthetics, challenging positions, and both very intimate and brutal interaction with his model.

In his private life, Etheros succeeded to create a 24/7 M/s mundane dynamic based on fundamentals of eastern philosophy and NLP. He is particularly knowledgeable about the correlation between personality structures and bdsm profiles.

Etheros is a community leader in Belgium. He started the ‘open munch’ concept, bringing different scenes together and helping newcomers to the community. He is very much engaged in non-discrimination and freedom of speech and expression and is founder of ‘Humans United’.