Master Severyn Kain


Master Severyn Kain is a BDSM Master, Alternative Lifestyle Presenter, and Fetish Performer active in the BDSM community since 2006. He has presented seminars and workshops on the subjects of Sexuality and BDSM at over 25 conventions and events over the years, as well as demystifying the BDSM Lifestyle at local community centers and universities. He has been featured as a guest on over a dozen podcasts (Masocast, The People of Kink, Erotic Awakening with Dan & Dawn, Sex With Timaree, etc..) as well as national and international radio programs (Uncovered Radio With Dr. Laura Berman, Think Opposite with Alison Donaghey, The Intimate Lifestyle, etc..) to name a few. He has also hosted his own BDSM-themed podcast, Kink Confessions. Over the years, Master Severyn has organized over 100 community events and was the founder, organizer and host of the Q-City Kink Alternative Lifestyle Festival which was celebrated annually in Quebec City, Canada (from 2002-2005).

MSK also performs as a Fetish-Burlesque duo with his partner Sinammon Doll, singer/songwriter with his music project Cry Pandora, actor (theater and film) and writer.


  • Taking control: Domination Techniques 101
  • Predator / Prey and Primal Play
  • Positive Discipline: Working Together For a More Positive Dynamic