Kitty Rea


I discovered there was a name for the things I desired sexually over 6 years ago. I have been a switch for all of those 6 years, playing with various partners, an event organiser in the local Romanian community for 3 years and a teacher both nationally and internationally for 2 years.

I have organised workshops and presented in the Bucharest scene (Romania), in Cluj (Romania), at Ellipsis Studio in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and at Eurix in Berlin (Germany). I have also assisted in workshops in London (the UK). In my local scene, I organize mostly events for beginners, such as the Meet and Greet, the local Peer Rope and many others.

For me kink is a part of my identity. It describes my sexuality, but also my personality and the way I relate to all people. The notions of informed consent, tolerance and respect for others choices that I have cultivated in the BDSM community have become an essential parts of how I connect with all other people, kinky or not.

I love to educate, not from a position of power, where I consider I have ultimate answers, but from a position of giving and sharing information. I think we can all grow through honest exchange and discussion. I believe that before we can have a lot of fun with sex and kink, we should make sure that we understand how to do so as safely and as aware as possible. For me, teaching is a way of giving back to the community that has helped me understand who I am.


  • Fear Play
  • Shame and Humiliation
  • Introduction to impact play