Falcon & Lola Mimosa


Norbert Falcon is the presenter and Lola Mimosa is the presenter’s tool. Question and answer- little bit subjective, little bit approached from the lifestyle’s perspective, we are going to share our thoughts with you about the aspects of the BDSM partnership (and of similar delicacies) We both live predominantly by hugging our innate desires to ourselves. We believe that others might be able to use some of our hints-tricks-experiences. Next to my everyday creative job, I put in more time to the coach and trainer activity, based on the experience I’ve been gathering since my childhood, and the knowledge gathered through permanent research and studying. I have my own, direct experience in several games and life situation, I have barely seen some pockets of desires, which did not affect me to some extent. When doing a conversation as a supporter, we are going to touch upon some questions, what might seem typical. For example without describing all of them:

• What thould we do if the desires of one of the party’s „exceed” the limits of the other - ?
• Will the dominance become restful, if the partner is too obedient?
• The ideas are coming from the submissive role, who it the boos now?
• Switching up the roles. Can this work?
• Who is taking out the trash?
• You can play with ropes by yourself. A surprise package is going to wait your partner when hes/he gets home?
• Something didn’t go well. Is this the apocalypse, or are we gonna try it again next week?
• What about a third, guest player in the relationship?
• How to take the adventure to a public place without being busted?

In the second part of our lecture, an airy Question & Answer can be expected. Mimosa is going to answer your question from a submissive’s, whil Falcon, from a dominant perspective in a light, loose, clear way.


  • Age play