I am a psychology MA student and kinkster. My research topics revolve around kink and sexuality, and my aim is to become a kink aware therapist. In my BA thesis I replicated Wismeijer et al.’s 2013 study about the psychological characteristics of BDSM practitioners, taking data from a Hungarian sample. I am in the process of translating and sending this article to the Journal of Sexual Medicine and various other journals, hoping to get published.

I am grateful that my university, Pázmány allows me to pursue my own interests in scientific research – I am particularly happy to have had the opportunity to present about hierophilia at religious psychology class. I never thought I was going to explain the similarities of medieval cilices and modern chastity belts to a psychology class, including several Christian people, but here I am.

I also provide sex education for adolescents, and am dedicated to doing so in a health and individual-focused way, emphasizing consent, healthy relationship dynamics and how sexuality can be seen as something joyous rather than sinful (unless that is what turns you on, which is completely fine).

I live with my fiancée in Budapest. In my private life I am a brutal sadist, a gentle mommy dom, the proud Master of a slave and lots of other things. I am also very spiritual, and practice kundalini yoga every morning.


  • Kink, tales, archetypes, symbols
  • Female Dominance and Authenticity – interaction and transaction
  • Kink/therapy – can BDSM be therapy and how does a psychotherapist deal with a kinky client?