Hi, I am D_Moon_: a 33 year old sadistic Domina from Holland.

People have described me as a bratty but strict and playful Domina. I like to have fun with my playpartners and do things a bit differently than "da Rules" might define. Communication and safety being the foundation of every scene I engage in.

I enjoy turning houesehold items into BDSM tools and Indiana Jones's whip still makes me envious.

One of my biggest loves is playing with fire and candlewax and turn my partners into colorful works of art.

Community wise: I co-founded and co-host the local munch, organise several smaller events around my hometown and like to help out other organisers.

I also teach workshops and do performances on a regular bases, which gave me the opportunity so go to lots of great events and meet awesome people so far. I might meet you next... :)


  • Waxplay: artistic and sadistic
  • Cellpopping/Devil's fire
  • Fireplay: Ignite your kink