Hungary’s very first BDSM Con!

Budapest 2016 november 11-13.

Aims? To improve the local culture of BDSM & Kink and to show the international community the city of Budapest and the local community.

Work and acknowledgments: This conference is mainly organized with international help and by couple of us, Hungarians, who are dedicated to enhance our community and standards.

HUGE thanks goes to the following kinksters: AET, Lilindora, Shahrazad, TheKinkyChap & PurpleKnut and Master Dart for supporting our cause.

Languages: The main language of the conference will be English, for those local kinksters, who do not speak English well, we will provide translators.

Programs: We will have 3 classes at the same time, so you can make your choice, where to go! We will have 4 periods a day, thus you will have the chance to attend 8 classes.

These will include either a performance, or will be interactive, OR will be BOTH!

In addition we will have 2 play parties!


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Master Dart (USA)

Presenter: Master Dart

Master Dart's interest in leather and BDSM play can be traced as far back as his early childhood years, citing a huge fascination with what was being done to Robin on the Batman television series... and to the furry cowboys on Gunsmoke. When other boys were caught with porn magazines under their beds... Dart was caught with a roll of duct tape. Since then he has developed an immense passion for rope bondage, not to mention the men he likes to tie up with it. Dart began his leather journey as a collared boy and gradually developed into the dominant he is today. He believes in the importance of “balance” when exploring one’s dominant and submissive side in play, and that great benefit can come from experiencing both elements. Master Dart’s kinky interests in addition to rope bondage include puppy play and training, chest and gut punching, and most recently, fire play. He sees himself as “proudly New Guard” because he feels that what is most important is not what happened in the past but what is happening NOW, and that our sexual self-expression should not be hindered by rigid or judgmental 'rules' from our past. Among the cities, organizations and events Dart has presented in include sitting on the educational board for Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Spring Iniquity in Houston, Thunder in the Mountains in Denver, GEARED Ireland in Dublin, Leather Pride in Amsterdam, and the Rome BDSM Conference. He also hosts his own leather podcast program on ITunes, called Dart’s Domain. He shares his life with his husband, Sir Bart

You can check out His website, to get to know him more:


  • Dynamics of the Switch
  • Puppy Love - an Introduction to Puppy Play
  • Aftercare - Not and Afterthought

Remethep a.k.a. Alrid Balog (Norway)

Presenter: Remethep

I have been a “practicing” BDSMer since the new millenium about, and a part of the scene here -in Norway- since 2009. I am currently the leader of the local BDSM group, Val Eyja. And also active in the national scene, via talks and participating in kinkferences here. Since 2010 I've been here and there in the media, mostly newspapers, but also a few television appearances. When I am not doing something related to kink I am stuck behind my PC doing nerdy stuff, or out fishing.


  • Fantasy vs. Reality
  • Knifeplay

Risley Addix (Hungary)

Presenter: Risley Addix

I have been in the lifestyle for more than 10 years and have been researching fetishes and BDSM for more than 3 years. My main topics are: History and psychology of BDSM and fetishes. Main interests in fethisim: feet, boots, armpit, leather Has been presenting in Hungary several times and did a femdom performance with Donna Christina at last year’s (2015) Luxuria Party.


  • Foot, shoe and boot fethisism
  • History of BDSM and fetishes
  • Vanilla goys? When the minorty is descrimitaing the majority

The Leather Girl (Hungary)

Presenter: The Leather Girl

I am Timi, The Leather Girl. I was born into a family, who has been working with leather for generations.

I have been making BDSM accessories for four years. The common feature of my products is, that they are only made from leather, with quality metal accessories, in an exquisite workmanship. They are made by hand, and by size uniquely for every order.

Based on a photo, a drawing or a detailed description I also implement unique ideas.


  • BDSM with the eyes of a local service provider

Headmistress Shahrazad - The Alchemical Seductress (Canada)

Presenter: Headmistress Shahrazad

Shahrazad is an established pro-dominatrix and Kink Educator as well as the owner and Headmistress of The Ritual Chamber, a boutique dungeon and BDSM play facility in Toronto, Canada.

An approachable, skilled guide into the realms of the erotic imagination, Shahrazad has degrees in Social Work and Sexuality Studies and has taught players of all levels across North America.

She is an active member of Toronto’s leather/SM/fetish community as is honoured to hold the titles of International Person of Leather 2016 and Ms. Leather Toronto 2016.


  • Topspace/Subspace: Exploring Altered States in BDSM Play
  • The Art of Crafting BDSM Scenes
  • The Wonderful World of Sexual Fetish

Tibor & Gigi (Hungary)

Presenter: Tibor & Gigi

We are a couple both within and outside of the world of BDSM.

The bases of our relationship are also determined by this world. Thus, when we are talking about blind trust, that trust is blind indeed. It is needed, because we are both attracted to blades. We are also softly moderate, just like our plays. Our adoration of perilous metals is deeply rooted within us. We take them into our play with great joy, but we are also dedicated to safety. Above all we listen to the blades to do not cause any harm at all, and we only use the psychological effect of the knifes/blades.


  • On the edge of the blade

Silent TeddyBear (Bulgaria)

Presenter: Silent TeddyBear

Silent Teddy Bear is one of the BDSM and shibari event organizers in Bulgaria. He has been a shibari and BDSM teacher and stage performer for three years. His goal is to help the new people in the community become more confident in their skills to communicate and play. His passion is to see the community grow in numbers and quality so that there are more potential partners in the BDSM scene. His style is aimed at complete immobilization and exciting helplesness.


  • Bdsm and shibari culture - tips for sharing bdsm with new potential partners
  • Practical bondage for play for beginners

Elijah Master (Hungary)

Presenter: Elijah Master

I am a dominant man; spiritually based BDSM has been in me, for forty years. My class will cover this topic, with special attention paid on spanking and showing You the values of the floggers made by me.


  • BDSM and Spirituality

Iron Maiden & Dexter (Romania)

Presenter: Iron Maiden & Dexter

Iron Maiden, the Lady, who has brought shibarti to Romania, and who managed to organize the very first BDSM related events in her country. She continues being a mentor for kinksters from all over the world.

Dexter is an active, and very creative kinkster and performer, travelling and performing a lot and participating in international shibari workshops.


  • Bondage for Bedroom
  • Connection and dynamics

Lady Scarlett Sin (U.S.A.)

Presenter: Lady Scarlett Sin

With her signature red and black Lady Scarlett Sin originally from Budapest, Hungary has traveled the world now living in Los Angeles, CA USA.

She is both an experienced lifestyle kinkster and pro practitioner of BDSM/Fetish and Kink exploration. She considers herself a sensual sadist and energy player with a vast array of personal kinks and areas of skill. She is also a performer, and educator having appeared all across the LA kink scene and most recently in Las Vegas for the Lair Fetish Party at AVN. She has been an outspoken in activism, advocacy, and legislative lobbying on topics ranging from LGBTQ advocacy, HIV and blood borne pathogen training, BDSM education, and sexual health and is an accomplished speaker with over 600 engagements under her belt including teaching classes at Domcon LA and Atlanta and Sanctuary LAX amongst others.

She is a former United States Marine and has lived, worked and played all across the world. She has an educational background with a Bachelors in Psychology and Queer Studies and on path to earn her Masters in Social Work. Currently she works as a Professional Dominatrix at Sanctuary Studios LAX and holds the titles of Ms. Sanctuary Leather 2016 and Domcon Atlanta Mistress of Ceremonies 2015. Her favorite implements are her single tail whips which are rarely not within arm’s reach.

Previous classes taught at:

  • Domcon Atlanta
  • Domcon Los Angeles
  • International Ms Leather
  • Sanctuary LAX
  • Sin in the City
  • California State University Northridge
  • California State University Dominguez Hills
  • Cal-Arts
  • University of Southern California
  • University of California Los Angeles
  • University of California San Diego
  • Antioch University
  • Chicago University
  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Vivid Sirius/XM Radio
  • And many more...

She has also done countless hours of one on one classes and trainings with clients and lifestyle kinksters alike.

Classes: Caution! She will double it up! “It’s all in the wrist...” (csuklóból jön minden)

  • I. Theory
  • II. Practice

Paul StJohn Mackintosh (United Kingdom)

Presenter: Paul StJohn Mackintosh

Paul StJohn Mackintosh is a British poet, writer and journalist, currently based in Budapest. He is also a practising member of the BDSM community, former member of Torture Garden, and a former contributor to Skin Two magazine. He is official clan poet of Clan Mackintosh.


  • Paul StJohn Mackintosh reads from his book 'Black Propaganda' followed by interactive discussion
  • Avoiding abusive relationships in BDSM

Master Olivier and Sparky (U.S.A.) [canceled]

Presenter: Master Olivier and Sparky

Master Olivier Pratt

Master Olivier Pratt originally hails from Nancy France and moved to the US in the mid 70's. He was introduced to the Leather lifestyle 25 years ago and since then he has traveled that path learning and experiencing all that he can. He celebrates and lives his life with his partner of 17 years John and Puppy of 6 years, Sparky.

Olivier is a current & founding member of Oklahoma Leather Guard, past member of NLA-OKC and NLA International. He has produced and promoted numerous contests, benefits and events throughout the world. He's held the titles of: International LeatherSIR 2007, South Central LeatherSIR 2007, Oklahoma LeatherSIR 2006/2007, Tulsa Mr. Leather 2005 and Mr. Playmor Leather 2005. To date Master Olivier has raised over $250,000.00 for charities across the North America.

Master Olivier is a Dominate Pig Top and equal opportunity sadist. If there’s no screaming, its no fun. His interests lie in Pup Play & Handling, Duct Tape, Spanking, Bondage, Flogging, Biting, Pits, Smells, Wax Play, Electricity, WS, CBT, TT, Interrogation, Domination/Humiliation, Vampirism, Caning, Bondage, Abduction, Ritualism, Spirituality and the Lifestyle and more.

His education and accreditations include; BA’s in Philosopy/Comparative Religions & Psychology from the University of Hawai’i, Ordained Deacon for the Roman Catholic Church and is a practicing eclectic Wiccan. He’s also one of the previous owners and Executive Co-Producers of International LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack.

He’s presented classes and workshops at; Thunder in the Mountains, Spring Iniquity, WOOLF, Southwest Leather, Leather Pride/BLUF – Amsterdam, Tribal Fire, Leather Camp, Beyond Vanilla, International LeatherSIR, Tulsa Mr. Leather, Oklahoma Mr. Leather, KCLU, Heart of America, Rio Grande Leather, Beyond Leather, Leather in the Woods, Gathering of the Clans, Twisted Tulsa, Southplains Leatherfest, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Bearadise, HalloBearfest, Tulsa Dungeon Society, Paris Leather Pride, Mid Atlantic Leather, and most recently Rome BDSM Conference, plus many more. He is part of Mama’s family as Mama’s “Olivier Twisted” and Mama’s “Tulsa Bear.”

He’s been the recipient of the Leather Pantheons awards for the South Central region & Couple of the Year, Kansas Leather Pride Award, OGRA Appreciation Award, Don Johnson Memorial Service Award and the T.U.L.S.A Fort/Pruitt Service award.

Master Olivier believes that a Leatherman is someone who is rebellious by nature, embraces radical sexual expression, has a deeply ingrained passion for all things in life, willing to test their own limitations with respect, dignity and insatiable curiosity. His desire is to help lead other people into the Leather, to help others better understand their own innate Leather heart and guide them in a journey of kinky self discovery.

pup Sparky

Pup Sparky came into the Leather lifestyle 12 years ago. With the love and support of his Leather family he has been able to learn and grow both as a Leather boy and human being. Pup play, biting and duct tape are but a few of his passions.

Sparky has held the titles of International Leather boy 2007, South Central Leather boy 2007 and Oklahoma Leather boy 2007. He has presented & hosted classes/seminars/talks at; Tribal Fire, Tulsa Mr. Leather, Leather Pride/BLUF – Amsterdam, Southwest Leather, Oklahoma Mr. Leather, KCLU, Heart of America, Rio Grande Leather, Beyond Leather, Leather in the Woods, Gathering of the Clans, Southplains Leatherfest, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Bearadise, Beyond Vanilla, Leather Camp, HalloBearfest, Thunder in the Mountains, Spring Inequity, TDS, MAL, and Rome BDSM Conference. He is part of Mama’s family as Mama’s pup Sparky and member of the Oklahoma Leather Guard.

Whenever in doubt, Sparky lets his own innate pup guide him through the mosh pit of life. He believes that a boy’s mission is service both to his Sir and community. Both should always be done with the passion and playfulness that is innate to the spirit of a boy. Sparky works in the Health food industry and operates his own business called Sparky’s Cheesecake Doghouse. He’s proudly collared to Master Olivier Pratt and believes that being a good devoted caring boy is one of the greatest pleasures in his life. When all else fails... just say WOOF!


  • Rough Body Play
  • The Forbidden fruits of play
  • Fear The Mind Fuck

Stoltz Sinatra (Sweden) [canceled]

Presenter: Stoltz Sinatra

Stoltz Sinatra is an experienced Dominant, educator, BDSM lifestyler and provocateur who challenge others as much as he challenges myself.

His favorite activities involve electro play, needle play, fire play, psychological Domination, breast torture and edge play in general.

He is an active educator in Sweden and has been the chairman of a local chapter of the Swedish organization RFSU (Swedish Association for Sexuality Education). He has also participated in a national TV-show about sex, demonstrating the intricacies of electroplay and breast torture. He likes to spread the knowledge about BDSM through workshops and public demonstrations around Sweden and his latest media project is which houses Swedish and English podcasts about BDSM.

Stoltz Sinatra lives together with his slave scarlett who is also involved in his workshops about TPE-relationships.


  • I. Electroplay, where do I start? (practical worksop)
  • II. Total Power Exchange Relationships in reality (theoretical workshop)

Icarnation (Hungary)

Presenter: Icarnation

Let me introduce myself in a laconic way, way, which cannot give you the whole picture of my connection to BDSM.

I belong to those, who had been „playing” in their childhood, before knowing what sex was.

My teenage period, can be descried by the shock, which was caused by my first experience of watching porn. Because I thought, what I saw on the screen, wasn’t that, that should have been there, in my opinion. (Rough sex only made its way to public awareness years later, however, girls in my era also liked it)

I was port of the Hungarian BDSM groups, because –as far as I know- I was amongst the first ones, who not only used, but knew how to use needles.

I can do many things from soft games to rough tortures, depending on the needs of my partner. Many believe, that my favourite tools are needles. They aren’t right. My favourite tools are my hands :)

Many people are also wrong, when they believe that the boundaries depend on the submissive party. However we can disguise this misunderstanding easily, when a good master meets a novice.

And the safeword is not said, not because it doesn’t exist, or because it cannot be said, but because the subject in her/his current mindset doesn’t even care, that it actually exists.

One of my workshops will cover this topic. Above this, I would like to talk about the needles, how I use them, and also give you a needle performance.

I would also be glad to share secrets, which were discovered by me.



  • Doesn’t the sub set up the rules/boundaries?
  • The secrets of the needle

Viktor ExtremeLeather (Hungary)

Presenter: Viktor ExtremeLeather

As many others, I was also attracted to – I didn’t know its name- to BDSM at a pretty young age.

I liked cuffs, leather as a material, both its smell and the touch of the texture... I could even call this a leather fetish, based on my modest, current, knowledge. As I grew up I became more and more interested in this type of (back then, and for me) totally new and unusual, very sensual, exciting "world".

As I was "growing up", I have found my needs…moreover, what I was interested in, at this field.

Meanwhile, the era of the internet started... thus, there were plenty of opportunities to gather information.

Mainly D/S relationships and role plays were interesting for me. Within these mainly pet and ponyplay are one of my favorite topics, in addition I also like Master-(female)Slave relationships.

Meanwhile, life has brought me this: according to many I have to soul of an artists- it is no my job to decide, if they are right or not-, and it is true, that I like unique and quality products, which weren’t and aren’t too accessible. Thus came the idea, that, if there isn’t something I wanted, I have to make it for myself.

Naturally, first we had made things for my/ourselves, later on, more and more people became interested in unique and quality tool, this is how we have reached this level.


  • Why should you get your BDSM tools, from a small, local producer?
  • Ponyplay

AET (Netherlands)

Presenter: AET

Hi! I’m AET from the Netherlands. I identify as a Femme Sadist Top in our lovely kink scene. My personal kinky preferences are (Foot) Torture & Fear Play. I'm famous for sticking needles underneath toe nails. I do have a lighter side to my scenes & personality ;-) I also like role playing scenes. A bottom knows when I'm having a good time as a Top when I start making jokes during the scene.

I help out my friends, whom organise kinky events, mostly by giving workshops and demo’s, but also by giving Dungeon Monitoring workshops to the volunteers of those events.

I’ve presented a lot of workshops in the Netherlands.

I’ve presented @ Rome BDSM conference, Easter conference in Berlin and @ EPIC in the USA.

I’m approachable person by nature. So feel free to have a chat with me. I can tell you all about my adventures at worldwide conferences and our lovely Dutch scene. And off course I would love to hear all about your wonderful experiences as well.


  • How to find a play date?
  • Caning for all

Presenters in Action

Lady Scarlett Sin Master Dart Master Dart Lady Silvia Risley Addix Remethep


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Exotic Swinger Club

Hungary, Budapest, XVI. district, Máté u. 55.

Képek a helyszínről

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Recommended accomodation

Corvin Plaza Apartments

We offer You a nice accomodation, at the heart of Budapest, at a reasonable price, while you are in Budapest.


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Rules of the event

I. Interactions

Be polite and nice with others. You may only play with another person(s) if she/he gives her/his content to it. You have to finish your scene, if it becomes unsafe.

Others may only join to an ongoing scene, if they got permission from those, who are already playing.

If someone says ’No’ to your request once, or even twice, DO NOT push her/him/them to play with you. No means no.

II. Pictures and videos

You may bring in your smart phones, but do not take any cameras. You cannot take pictures at the event. We are going to have official staff members for taking pictures of you.

You can only share these pictures, if all of those, who are on it, gave you permission to do so!

You cannot make any videos at the venue of the event!


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