Stanislav Atanasov a.k.a. Lucifer
If you want to study how BDSM and alternative sexuality affects personal and sexual development in puberty - look no further. BDSM and all kind of fetishes are part of my life from my childhood, trough puberty until now. As I like to say - it's easier to list my dislikes than my likes. For the past 9-10 years I'm administrator of Bulgaria's oldest and biggest BDSM community project - F-bg.org. There are few regular events that I have the privilege to organize - Open Rope Space Sofia (and some times Varna), monthly munches, fetish and play parties. In 2016 we did the first (and, of course, not last) Bulgarian BDSM unConference. I'm doing a kink positive podcast - Honest talks on dirty topics [www.f-bg.org/category/podcast/].

Basically I'm a nerdy, kinky bastard, that can do a lot with a willing partner. If you have any questions (kink or nerd related) please do ask. You can review my personal 'webspace' at www.anavaro.com (sorry but only in Bulgarian).